Mt Gibson Iron Ore Project

UMG Team’s Success in Australia

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Our CEO, Garry Wildman, and Director, Peter Harrison have recently made highly successful trips Perth, Western Australia.

Both met with a large number of project owners, investors and advisers. They returned with new client mandates for a number of interesting projects in Australia and projects elsewhere that are Australian owned. Commodities included gold, zinc, copper and rare earths. They were also introduced to new projects in renewable energy and other more industrial sectors.

They also enjoyed many meetings with investors and brokers who expressed considerable interest in the UMG business model. They are looking at various UMG client projects now – all under NDA, of course.

The success of Garry’s and Peter’s visits has convinced them to re-open an office in Perth to help deal with high levels of interest from both miners and investors. They will both be returning to Perth regularly to follow through on the many opportunities identified there.

The new office is at 14 Emerald Terrace, West Perth.


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