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UMG August 2019 Update

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It’s been a while since I last posted online or wrote to our mining network. Over the last year, UMG have been very busy negotiating deals and closing over $100m in funding, primarily for Nickel, Gold and Zinc Deals.

As some of you know UMG started out as an engineering and due diligence service for banks and private equity funds. We have pleasure in advising that we are now geared to facilitate all types of funding in the mining, mineral and energy sectors, including renewable projects.

Some recent mandated projects include near term production projects for Zinc in Bulgaria, Gold Montana, USA, PGM in Alaska; exploration phase high grade Zinc project in Idaho; a high grade Copper project in Idaho; a Fertilizer project in Australia; a Copper project in Namibia and a Mineral Sands project in Australia.

UMG now offers these services for mining; mineral and energy project owners are as follows:

RTO Services – Finding shell companies and analysing them for liquidity with a view to merging your project into the entity via equity, debt, convertible note or vending share deals. We have an extensive portfolio of ASX, TSXv and CSE listed shells and a team geared to finding and procuring shells.

Equity Services – from our established network of funds, financiers, hedge funds, private equity funds even miner investors. We have a proven network of funders built up over 2 years included on our intellectual property database.

Debt Services – through our extensive network of traders and financiers specialising in providing debt facilities for mining and mineral projects.

Royalty; Streaming; Prepayment Services – through selected known traders in Gold, Zinc and Nickel

Special Projects Group – In exceptional circumstances, we are prepared to enter into earn-in agreements for very high-grade commodities through our Nautilus Metals entity. Currently we hold rights to a high-grade Zinc property and a high-grade Copper property. We aim to acquire projects that have Zn and Cu Equivalent of 5% minimum

UMG now has a team of 7 specialists specialising in different mining, mineral and energy disciplines. We operate world-wide and across all commodities.

Please note our fees for services are not based purely on success. We usually charge a nominal upfront fee, broadly comparable to a business class trip to London. Thereafter we ask for an ongoing fee to keep us engaged on your project, usually on an agreed milestone basis. Typically, this compares to an economy class airfare to London. This excludes RTO Services for which our fees and rates are available on case by case basis. Assignment durations may vary from 3 months to 6 months. Mandates may be extended after expiration by mutual agreement. Most fees are refunded on Success.

Garry Wildman MBA, BEng, MAusIMM, FAIE, MAPM
Founder CEO


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