Why UMG Project Funding?

UMG Group Ltd and UMG Funding are based in the CIty of London

UMG Funding Ltd is a funding facilitator. We identify, qualify and match suitable investors with our client project mandates. Often these investors are private companies with extremely sensitive sophisticated capital fund managers. Most deals are price sensitive and obviously, they are not common knowledge or in the public domain.

We take client confidentiality very seriously. .All the negotiations that UMG Funding facilitates are carried out under strict non-disclosure/non-circumvention/confidentiality protocols. We require ND/NC agreements from both the project owner and the investor.  We are bound jointly and severally by these agreements.

Timeframes will vary according to the nature of the project and the client’s requirements – the last two deals took totals of 6 months, however, it took less than 30 working days of intense activity to match a financier to the projects.

Our Scope of Work may include:-

  • Platform International Marketing and Research
  • Preparing a Forward-Looking Statement, (FLS)
  • Teaser writing
  • Economic Modelling and Optimisation
  • Risk Workshops – following a period of Q&A consultation with interested financial parties.
  • Execution of a Letter of Intent, (LOI) between parties
  • A period of rigorous Due Diligence, (DD);
    • E. Geology / Block Model
    • Metallurgy / Process
    • Underground and Open Pit Mining Method; Challenge Assumptions including Strip Ratio; Interpretation of infill drilling/ diamond drilling programs
    • Review of sample/drill analysis to N 43 – 101 or JORC compliance
    • PFS/DFS review as applicable; Economic Analysis Reporting; Drafting T&Cs between parties and managing the process.
  • Providing Competent Persons report to Financier in the form of Executive Summary, incorporating Conclusions and Recommendations to improve NPV, IRR, Opex Assumptions/Cost improvements Etc

The first 30 working days usually include our own DD team of 5-7 persons including our Directors. As a guide, we typically utilise our team for a minimum of 25% of the time for the tasks outlined. The exception is Peter Harrison, COO/Director of Universal Mining Group and UMG Funding who works tirelessly and relentlessly to coordinate the buy and sell side activity.

It is important to reiterate our professionalism and success to date.

We are highly regarded by our finance network. In fact, we have been asked several times by two independent fund managers to act as JV partners. We have declined these invitations, however, as we get a lot of enquiries about all types of mineral commodities and we are careful in selecting realistically fundable projects. In some cases, our work will also include matching a strategic partner with a project, possibly under farm-in arrangements. This can not only provide the valuable mining or energy resources but also balance sheet finance or a robust cornerstone investor.

We hope this is sufficient justification for you to enter into a long-term successful relationship with UMG.

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