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Universal Mining Group Ltd has been developing technical and commercially challenging projects for many years. We now work with European Wealth Funds and Private Investors to conduct Initial and Due Diligence Assessments for projects on their behalf. While Mining & Minerals are a major part of our activity, our funding facilitation service is potentially available to most technical or industrial projects too.

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UMG and UMG Funding is not a financial institution or an investment organisation, however, we have developed a process to facilitate initial interest from European Wealth Funds and Private Investors with and on behalf of our clients.

We welcome proposals for post exploration projects, feasibility study development and near or in-production opportunities from junior and mid-tier miners who look to take their businesses to the next level. Our investors may consider debt or equity funding, or sometimes an M&A solution. The minimum raise amount is USD $10m.

Please click on the link below to contact us and provide details of your project. We will email a preliminary enquiry form for you to complete and return.

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N.B. All information you supply will be held in strictest confidence under a Non Disclosure Agreement. Information will only be divulged to a third party with your prior approval.

Why spend weeks and months approaching individual brokers, hedge funds, and financial institutions yourself when you can come to a group that already has the confidence of investors? And the recipe for successful fund-raising!

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