Project Funding Experience

As a junior miner, owner of a mine, quarry, energy or technology project you may well be facing challenges in obtaining funding to start or develop your project.

As a company with extensive experience in finding funding for projects, we may be able to help solve this problem. Below is a little background to help you understand how we can help you.

UMG Funding Ltd., part of Universal Mining Group, has developed a unique and proven path to our network of wealth funds and brokers in London and other centres around the world. We specialise in facilitating funding for mining and energy project juniors that meets or exceeds predetermined hurdle rates of investment and payback periods. As appropriate we will –

  • Pre-qualify and assess the viability of projects for funding.
  • Assist clients to present their projects in the appropriate manner for investors to evaluate and commit
  • Provide the necessary guidance to attract investment and get project funding underway.
  • Assist clients to grow their businesses or assist with design definition to further enhance their projects at various stages of development through to the final investment decision.

Please visit . We are currently mandated by clients to act for them on projects in Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Balkans, Spain, France and more.

Universal Mining Group originated in Australia in 1999 and now has it’s Head Office in the UK, with offices in strategic locations around the world. UMG delivers flexible, practical and timely scoping and feasibility studies that are the blueprints for both technical and financial investment outcomes of a successful project.

Our experienced team of Mining Consultants, Consulting Engineers, Commercial experts and specialists in almost every commodity on the periodic table offer solutions across the following activities:

  • Mine, Quarries & Quarrying
  • Mineral Extraction
  • Tailings Extraction
  • Port and Infrastructure Development
  • Power, Energy, On-Shore, Oil and Gas
  • Bespoke Plant design and Construction services

We are one of the few companies that can offer process guarantees and nameplate assurance through our detailed engineering service offering. Universal Mining Group has extended its global activities into Bank Compliance / Due Diligence Services for hedge funds, strategy consultancies, and private equity firms

Please let me us if we can be of assistance. If you feel a preliminary phone or skype call will be worthwhile, please advise when will be convenient. We look forward to hearing from you.

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