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Message from our Chairman & CEO

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The last 5 years have seen some pretty horrible exits in the mining and minerals space with scarce capital and low activity; however, I am pleased to say that in the last 6 months we have seen a remarkable upturn in activity which has positively affected our business. UMG is now a global business with valued clients in North & South America, Africa, Australia and Canada. We could not have achieved our recent successes in Nickel, Gold and Titanium without the support of our investors and project owners.

We shifted our business model from purely an engineering feasibility firm to a hybrid business model that leverages intellectual networking, social media and high-level contacts to deliver a valuable service to our clients. We successfully introduced our project owners to our valued investors. From humble beginnings, we now have a strong network of over 240 investors of all shapes and sizes – one size or shape does not fit all. For those that operate in our space, the road to capital is filled with obstacles, doubters and timewasters. We know that it’s not for everyone. Some notable successes inevitably mean growth not only for our business also our peers’.

UMG has exciting gold, diamond, nickel, cobalt, copper and zinc projects under development that are currently being scrutinised and painstakingly dissected by myself and my team. In the coming weeks, our COO & Director Peter Harrison will be providing his own update on upcoming projects that may be of interest. Our business would not be a success without our strong relationships with project owners and investors. In the coming months, I will be visiting our network of Australasian investors with visits to Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

UMG recently appointed a new Associate Director for Mining & Minerals Markets to deal with the increased traffic from our projects funnel. We now have 6 Associates Directors with disciplines in Geology, Metallurgy, Mining, Business Development & Marketing, Process Design and Market Development. We have a strong and powerful marketing platform that consistently delivers quality, high grade, low opex cost projects with strong management teams.

We are seeing a shift in battery metals notably with the 5th generation battery system from BMW that will start production in 2020, not that far away. We understand it will be a mass production battery for the masses that will consist of nickel, manganese & cobalt -all commodities in short supply.  Currently, we seek Farm-In Agreements for good projects which may have under-managed and under-explored projects. We are also constantly seeking resource projects that have high grade, low impurities, and good management teams that are in development/operation. These are our priorities as we continue to network our international client base.

For those that have recently joined our network, welcome. As we all know in the mining world, it’s not what you know, it’s definitely who you know that counts. If you’ve managed to survive the last 5 years, I say with confidence that we will have a great opportunity to maximize our wealth in the coming years.

This message was brought to you by Garry Wildman Chairman & CEO of Universal Mining Group Ltd
“defining and refining resource projects for our highly valued investor base” 

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