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UMG has secured a mandate to facilitate funding for a large-scale Ilmenite mining project.

 A rare opportunity to address the rapidly growing Chinese & global demand for Ilmenite. Huge potential for highly profitable upside and fast ROI!


Ilmenite is the most important ore found in Titanium and is used to manufacture titanium dioxide & titanium sponge. Titanium dioxide manufacturing consumes 95% of ilmenite market and is used in industrial applications; 5.5 million tons of titanium dioxide is used globally each year. China is a leader in titanium manufacturing with a market of 1.8 million T/Yr manufacturing and 2.4 million T/Yr to feed domestic & export market demands. The global titanium dioxide market is predicted to reach 6.7 million tons, growth projection 3.6%/yr. With no internal resource, China relies on imported titanium.


The company requires between up to USD $50m to reach its 1m tons production target, $10 Million+ over the course of agreed project phases. The return on investment could potentially see profits in excess of USD $10 Million per year.

In addition, the project owner is willing to discuss and acquisition the value can be discussed during due diligence.


EOI are to be presented on or before 30th April 2018.


  • Project started in 2012. USD $4m invested in research & operations. 3000+ tons ilmenite shipped to China.
  • Finalized all required approvals from Mexican government/local authorities to mine concessions in Mexico.
  • Obtained preliminary approval from Chinese government.
  • Established strong customer relationships by obtaining contingent LOI’s.


  • 43-101 reports completed.
  • All the legal process of mining concession has been completed, ready for mining.
  • SMP I&II geological survey on the process, technical reports soon to be issued.


  • All research tests completed.
  • Processing design completed.
  • Feasibility Study Report completed.
  • Project approved by Chinese government.
  • Energy consumption evaluation has been approved.
  • Environmental Impact Evaluation report has been issued and final approval is in process. Equipment/system bidding has been started.

Competitive Advantage:

  •  Availability of large quantities of the mineral of highest quality. Efficiencies of technology applied to manufacturing process to reduce operational costs, increasing value of finished product. Extensive reserves of ilmenite to meet an increasing demand. Highest-grade & quality of ilmenite.
  • Technology: Most advanced technology with reduced energy consumption, incorporating environmentally friendly recycling process for hazardous materials, for highest-grade product.
  • The project has been de-risked and risk mitigation strategies are in place


Strong and experienced global operations team is already in place.


Please contact Peter Harrison Directors of Universal Mining Group to discuss NDA terms in the first instance access to Dropbox data room with supporting documentation will be granted thereafter.

N.B. Universal Mining Group Ltd and its subsidiaries provide technical evaluation by qualified competent persons and funding facilitation services to client companies in the Mining, Minerals and Energy sectors

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