The Growth in Modular Housing and Buildings

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Every day we hear about how the massive demand for houses, apartments is dramatically increasing throughout the UK. But the construction industry is currently constrained by shortages in trained people across the range of trades. These pressures are unlikely to change for many years.

However in America, Europe and parts of Scandinavia for some time there has been a move to utilise modular production techniques to construct houses, apartments, and buildings in factories. Once built to consistent quality standards they are shipped straight to a prepared site where simple foundations or footings have been built complete with services in place. The modular units are then simply craned into position, secured to the foundations and connected to services.

These modular units can even be fully fitted out at the factory with kitchens, bathrooms etc.

The added advantages include minimised impact from delays caused by bad weather, flexibility in design and if the owner already has land the costs are significantly reduced. For instance, the cost for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, starts from only £221,000.

So if you are thinking about a new house, office or are a landowner investigating building houses, apartments, offices, light industrial units add modular construction into your range of options.

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