Project Funding Terms & Conditions

UMG Funding typically charges a Success Fee for its services when funding is secured, (no success, no fee) although we may request a modest implementation fee  when we take on your project funding search. In certain instances that require a different approach, we will agree an individual mandate.

If we both agree to proceed, UMG will then work with you to get your project factsheet, teaser, economic model in line with strategic investors’ requirements. UMG’s experienced Board members will act throughout the interim process. They offer the skills to match your and investors requirements, setting up a strategic vehicle to reduce financial risk for all parties if required. UMG’s valuable intellectual property, expert teams, and competent persons provide greater surety that:

  1. Investors take your proposal seriously.
  2. It meets or exceeds Investors pay back terms and hurdle rates
  3. The strategic investor is aligned to your business model and aspirations.

Bridging the gap between project owners and investors