Deliverables and Services Available

Our current consulting team can handle the following project deliverables and services;

  • Due Diligence Services – Mining, including Open Pit Mining, Mineral Industry Energy, Power Supply, On-Shore Oil and Gas
  • Funding Facilitation Services – See Investor Pages
  • Scoping Studies
  • Owners Engineers Representation
  • Mining Project Evaluation

The Universal Mining Group are now independent consultants in the Mining, Resources, Energy, Manufacturing and Industrial Arenas.

Our network of specialists includes business executives, independent consultants and industry directors in Manufacturing, Mining, Metals, Minerals, Energy, Ports, On-Shore Oil and Gas and Industrial Arenas.

We provide in-depth Quantitative Analysis, Market and Risk services this development is a result of increased demand from our International Banking Community and Due Diligence activities which is already a business unit of UMG Funding Ltd.

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Bridging the gap between project owners and investors