Universal Mining Group Update

We are pleased to provide an update on our activities over the last 6 months. We have signed a number of significant corporate mandates to date. A brief summary of deals in hand is below:

Large Scalable PGM – Alaska – $25m  

Funding discussions commenced. Mine has environmental credits and Pt & Pl credits.

High-Grade Silicon Dioxide Project – UK Processing Facility/Polish Mine – $70m

Reserve Class Assets. Ongoing offtake discussions. Strong demand for all products. 242Mmt Si reserve status. Very high grade – up to 79% Si with extremely low impurities. Ideal for Silicon Dioxide products.

Gold/Copper Project – USA – $35m

Existing infrastructure and exploration assets. Extremely high grade intercept, narrow vein, 3000 ozs per vertical metre in multiple shear zones. Cu grade above 6% Cu.

Polymetallic Project – Balkans – $20m

Existing exploration assets Offtake discussions commenced. Au, Zn, Cu credits.

Iron Ore Project – Mexico $35m

High Grade up to 67% Fe, low Si and Ph after magnetic separation. Product offtake discussions commenced for 10Mmt over 4 years. LOI received for debt funding under review, subject to other offers.

Gold Project – Australia – £50m

170 k.ozs mine resource to JORC Code.  Developed very high-grade historical intercepts of 89 g/t Au. Higher grade potential at depth. Funding negotiations in progress. Open Pit and Underground. Scalability to 2m tonnes.

Manganese and Iron Ore Project – India $35m,

Manganese Dioxide MnO2 grade 88%. Significant credits, 10% of the resource. Main ore body 16Mt. Mineral distribution Mn 70%, Fe 30%. Lump product Mn 45%+ Fe 58 -65%. Commenced mineral economic modeling and corporate detailed presentation. Of interest to Indian Steel Mills for off-take discussions.

Positive Year End Results & Insights from Chairman

Universal Mining Group recently completed its year end accounts for 2019. Last year saw growth in revenue in excess of 50%, mainly due to a number of mandates that were successfully managed and delivered to the satisfaction of our clients. Numerous mandates have been signed for Gold, Zinc, Nickel and Copper Projects on a global basis.

Some of these projects are in the exploration phase and some are in near term production phase. UMG continues to attract high quality, high grade and low impurity projects, a vital key to developing any project. Success factors are due to many variables, however projects with strong management that has demonstrated success in developing similar projects prevail, along with JORC and 43-101 Indicated Resources. Economic access to infrastructure and natural resources are also key to a successful outcome.

Universal Mining Group now has a large international network of Investors offering many financial instruments – Convertible Note / Debt / Private Equity and active participation in finding cash boxes and shell companies for private companies. We strive to deliver a bespoke service.

UMG also looks for exceptional high purity projects. We set up an SPV for this activity called Nautilus Metals Ltd to actively seek high grade projects within excess of 80% IRR. Projects are secured via hybrid earn-in agreement.

In 2019 we increased our Associate Team in Australia. We now have highly experienced natural resources Associates in Perth and Melbourne. In London we expanded our advisory board capabilities to cover Geology, Metallurgy, Mineral Economics, Project Delivery and Marketing.

We recently invested heavily in our data platform to manage deal flow both from the buy and sell side. We take most projects to a successful outcome within 3 – 6 months. Not all projects get funded, however. This is usually down to the various positions when negotiating final term sheets irrespective of which side dictates the outcome.

I recently have formed the view that funding and developing a project to success to first shipment requires many skill sets so I have taken up recently up some Non-Executive Board Appointments for a Gold/Palladium project, an Iron Ore project and a Silica Project to assist in their development.

I remain committed to the growth and development of UMG and its companies. 2020 will see further development in smart data management and research. We now have a dedicated Research Manager who is driving this project with a clear mandate to increase awareness of our services.

Chairman and Founder Garry Wildman

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Algodon Resources LLC

We are pleased to advise that Algodon Resources Group has signed an LOI for $36.5m of convertible debt to develop its near-term iron ore production mines in Mexico, initial production rate will be 1.9 Mtpa ramping to 4.8 Mtpa in yr 3. The board of Algodon Resources are delighted by these developments and look forward to developing its portfolio of projects commencing with Bonet mine/ wall of iron concessions with an Inferred Mineral Resource of 250mt+ Grading 62% – 67% Fe with low Si and low Ph. ARL also has a number of satellite mining concessions with 20mt of high-grade hema/magnetite ore.
The c1 cash operating costs are $44/ton which provides for a healthy cash margin to repay the principal loan within 3/5 years of operation. ARL wishes to thank Universal Mining Group Ltd/UMG Funding for its efforts in securing this funding and providing the proforma feasibility study and economic modeling to support such an investment. The drawdown of funds is expected by April 2021 and planned first ore 6 months later out of Caopas Port Sea of Cortez Mexico. The next best address for Iron Ore. Like Comment Share

UMG August 2019 Update

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It’s been a while since I last posted online or wrote to our mining network. Over the last year, UMG have been very busy negotiating deals and closing over $100m in funding, primarily for Nickel, Gold and Zinc Deals.

As some of you know UMG started out as an engineering and due diligence service for banks and private equity funds. We have pleasure in advising that we are now geared to facilitate all types of funding in the mining, mineral and energy sectors, including renewable projects.

Some recent mandated projects include near term production projects for Zinc in Bulgaria, Gold Montana, USA, PGM in Alaska; exploration phase high grade Zinc project in Idaho; a high grade Copper project in Idaho; a Fertilizer project in Australia; a Copper project in Namibia and a Mineral Sands project in Australia.

UMG now offers these services for mining; mineral and energy project owners are as follows:

RTO Services – Finding shell companies and analysing them for liquidity with a view to merging your project into the entity via equity, debt, convertible note or vending share deals. We have an extensive portfolio of ASX, TSXv and CSE listed shells and a team geared to finding and procuring shells.

Equity Services – from our established network of funds, financiers, hedge funds, private equity funds even miner investors. We have a proven network of funders built up over 2 years included on our intellectual property database.

Debt Services – through our extensive network of traders and financiers specialising in providing debt facilities for mining and mineral projects.

Royalty; Streaming; Prepayment Services – through selected known traders in Gold, Zinc and Nickel

Special Projects Group – In exceptional circumstances, we are prepared to enter into earn-in agreements for very high-grade commodities through our Nautilus Metals entity. Currently we hold rights to a high-grade Zinc property and a high-grade Copper property. We aim to acquire projects that have Zn and Cu Equivalent of 5% minimum

UMG now has a team of 7 specialists specialising in different mining, mineral and energy disciplines. We operate world-wide and across all commodities.

Please note our fees for services are not based purely on success. We usually charge a nominal upfront fee, broadly comparable to a business class trip to London. Thereafter we ask for an ongoing fee to keep us engaged on your project, usually on an agreed milestone basis. Typically, this compares to an economy class airfare to London. This excludes RTO Services for which our fees and rates are available on case by case basis. Assignment durations may vary from 3 months to 6 months. Mandates may be extended after expiration by mutual agreement. Most fees are refunded on Success.

Garry Wildman MBA, BEng, MAusIMM, FAIE, MAPM
Founder CEO


UMG Team’s Success in Australia

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Our CEO, Garry Wildman, and Director, Peter Harrison have recently made highly successful trips Perth, Western Australia.

Both met with a large number of project owners, investors and advisers. They returned with new client mandates for a number of interesting projects in Australia and projects elsewhere that are Australian owned. Commodities included gold, zinc, copper and rare earths. They were also introduced to new projects in renewable energy and other more industrial sectors.

They also enjoyed many meetings with investors and brokers who expressed considerable interest in the UMG business model. They are looking at various UMG client projects now – all under NDA, of course.

The success of Garry’s and Peter’s visits has convinced them to re-open an office in Perth to help deal with high levels of interest from both miners and investors. They will both be returning to Perth regularly to follow through on the many opportunities identified there.

The new office is at 14 Emerald Terrace, West Perth.


UMG February 2019 Update

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UMG has a number of mandates from miners around the world seeking to bring their properties into production or expansion. Commodities include Gold, Copper, Zinc, Diamonds and Rare Earths in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe. These investment opportunities may be suitable for equity, debt, M&A or JV and vary in raise requirements.

If any of these options interest you, email for details of current opportunities under NDA.

Our CEO is currently engaged on a road show across Australasia and would be delighted to see new project owners within our current brief.

Please contact us via info@umgrp.com or https://www.umgrp.com/contact/  


Gold Offtake on Attractive Terms

Are you a Gold miner with a near or in production resource?

UMG have been mandated by a major gold processor/smelter to identify Gold miners who are looking to secure an offtake agreement on attractive terms.

They are a licenced and regulated Gold, precious metals and precious stones company and offer verifiable proof of funds. They will buy any quantity (no upper limit) in Dore or bullion from anywhere in the world.  The offtaker will claim a modest discount from market value – the supplier will have a guaranteed consistent price for a pre-agreed term.

Let us know when you will commence regular production of gold bullion or Dore. Please provide a schedule of quantities you will produce each month and the duration of an agreement that you can commit to delivering. We are happy to provide an NDA before discussing further.

Please email info@umgrp.com in the first instance.

Message from our Chairman & CEO

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The last 5 years have seen some pretty horrible exits in the mining and minerals space with scarce capital and low activity; however, I am pleased to say that in the last 6 months we have seen a remarkable upturn in activity which has positively affected our business. UMG is now a global business with valued clients in North & South America, Africa, Australia and Canada. We could not have achieved our recent successes in Nickel, Gold and Titanium without the support of our investors and project owners.

We shifted our business model from purely an engineering feasibility firm to a hybrid business model that leverages intellectual networking, social media and high-level contacts to deliver a valuable service to our clients. We successfully introduced our project owners to our valued investors. From humble beginnings, we now have a strong network of over 240 investors of all shapes and sizes – one size or shape does not fit all. For those that operate in our space, the road to capital is filled with obstacles, doubters and timewasters. We know that it’s not for everyone. Some notable successes inevitably mean growth not only for our business also our peers’.

UMG has exciting gold, diamond, nickel, cobalt, copper and zinc projects under development that are currently being scrutinised and painstakingly dissected by myself and my team. In the coming weeks, our COO & Director Peter Harrison will be providing his own update on upcoming projects that may be of interest. Our business would not be a success without our strong relationships with project owners and investors. In the coming months, I will be visiting our network of Australasian investors with visits to Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

UMG recently appointed a new Associate Director for Mining & Minerals Markets to deal with the increased traffic from our projects funnel. We now have 6 Associates Directors with disciplines in Geology, Metallurgy, Mining, Business Development & Marketing, Process Design and Market Development. We have a strong and powerful marketing platform that consistently delivers quality, high grade, low opex cost projects with strong management teams.

We are seeing a shift in battery metals notably with the 5th generation battery system from BMW that will start production in 2020, not that far away. We understand it will be a mass production battery for the masses that will consist of nickel, manganese & cobalt -all commodities in short supply.  Currently, we seek Farm-In Agreements for good projects which may have under-managed and under-explored projects. We are also constantly seeking resource projects that have high grade, low impurities, and good management teams that are in development/operation. These are our priorities as we continue to network our international client base.

For those that have recently joined our network, welcome. As we all know in the mining world, it’s not what you know, it’s definitely who you know that counts. If you’ve managed to survive the last 5 years, I say with confidence that we will have a great opportunity to maximize our wealth in the coming years.

This message was brought to you by Garry Wildman Chairman & CEO of Universal Mining Group Ltd
“defining and refining resource projects for our highly valued investor base” 

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