UMG Group Ltd and UMG Funding are based in the CIty of London

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UMG Funding are always seeking high net worth individuals, sophisticated investors and business angel investors to invest in exclusive seed and early stage funding opportunities from junior miners, entrepreneurs and business owners seeking funding to take their business to the next level.

‘We save investors due-diligence costs and decision time.’

Our investment opportunities can be either debt or equity, in some cases, they are a mixture of both. These opportunities are spread across two broad categories of investment profiles:

$0.5m to $10m, covering junior miners, entrepreneurs, seed and early stage businesses

$10m and above, typically existing mining and industrial projects

UMG Funding conducts Initial and Due Diligence Assessments for all projects. All of the funding projects offer excellent Internal Rate of Return coupled with good payback periods.

To discuss investment opportunities and your investment preferences please telephone Peter Harrison – Director at (+44) 07985 523798 for a confidential no obligation conversation.

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